Damp-Proof /Oil-Proof PE Coated Paper, Produced by Jiangsu Lucky Company


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Damp-Proof /Oil-Proof PE Coated Paper, Produced by Jiangsu Lucky Company

Damp-Proof /Oil-Proof PE Coated Paper, Produced by Jiangsu Lucky Company

PE laminated paper is the paper formed by coating PE plastic particles on the surface of the paper through a cast machin

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Basic Info
Functional Layer Waterproof
Packaging Pallet
Bag Sealing Methods Wooden Pallet
Pulp Style Virgin
Base Material Raw Paper
PE Double Side Coated
Silicone Non Silicone Coated
Weight 40G/M2 - 250G/M2
Width 500mm - 1540mm
Size Accept Customized
Packing Accept Customized
MOQ Depend on Actual Order Detail and Stock
Sample Free for Quality Checking
Delivery 3-15days / Depend on Size, Quantity etc
OEM Accept
Characteristic High Temperature Strength, Moisture Proof and Grea
HS Codes 48115990
Transport Package by Sea
Origin China
HS Code 48115990
Production Capacity 3000000kg/Month
Product Description

PE laminated paper is the paper formed by coating PE plastic particles on the surface of the paper through a cast machine, which is oil-proof, waterproof (relatively), and can be heat-laminated.two side PE coated paper for food packaging, suppliers, factory, customized, buy, quotation, low price, free sample, made in China, Double Side PE Coated Siicone Coated Embossed Air Groove Release Paper, CCK Silicone Coated Release Paper, Single Side PE Coated With Silicone Coated Art Paper, Single Side PE Coated Release Paper For Self Adhesive P1SI, Single Side Silicone Coted Release Film, PEK PCK Release Paper.

The structure of laminated paper includes a base paper and a colored adhesive film composed of colored polyethylene or polypropylene material laminated on at least one side of the surface of the base paper. The utility model is directly attached to the surface of the original paper with colored film lamination, and can easily and quickly make colored laminated paper with uniform and stable color and luster, effectively achieving practical effects such as improving the quality of laminated paper and simplifying the process and reducing costs. The surface of the laminated layer is set with a raised pattern, and the pattern is formed by a number of unit patterns of the same size, the unit pattern includes a square hexagon and a Y-shaped connecting line inside the square hexagon, the three ends of the Y-shaped connecting line fall on the end points of the square hexagon, and each unit pattern is connected with six unit patterns at its center. Compared with the existing technology, the utility model has the pattern formed by the hexagon and the Y-shaped connecting line in accordance with certain rules, so that the end of the line in each unit pattern can be extended outward through the outer edge of the unit pattern connected to it, and the air guide groove formed by this pattern has a four-way air guide channel, and there is no bubble can not continue to move outward This ensures that the air bubbles move unimpeded in the air guide groove, thus ensuring that the air bubbles can be smoothly squeezed out of the adhesive backing product.

Damp-Proof /Oil-Proof PE Coated Paper, Produced by Jiangsu Lucky Company

Damp-Proof /Oil-Proof PE Coated Paper, Produced by Jiangsu Lucky Company


PE coated paper (non silicone)

Pulp style


Base material

Raw paper


Double side coated


Non silicone coated


White , yellow, kraft (brown)


40g/m2 - 250g/m2


500mm - 1540mm


Accept Customized


Accept Customized


Depend on actual order detail and stock


Free for quality checking


3-15days / depend on size, quantity etc




High temperature strength, moisture proof and greaseproof, etc

Characteristics and classification of PE laminated paperPE laminated paper is a layer of PE plastic laminated film made on top of the paper, which has the following characteristics1.oil-proof, because after the PE lamination layer can effectively prevent the oil of food damage paper2.waterproof, the same principle3. can be heat-sealed bags, directly for packaging food, very convenient, like the bag of fried chestnuts is made of PE laminated paper. Of course, PE laminated paper is widely used.Classification of laminated paperCan be classified by plastic release paper and non-plastic release paper.

Damp-Proof /Oil-Proof PE Coated Paper, Produced by Jiangsu Lucky Company

Features and effects of laminated paper
1. Cleanliness refers to the cleanness and cleanliness of the surface. Because the production environment of release paper manufacturers is different, most of them are not dust-free studios. Due to the cost, it is impossible to use dust-free studios. Generally speaking, they are ordinary plants. Better ones will have many improvements in environmental protection and environment, which will have an impact on cleanliness.2. Release degree refers to the release degree of release paper. There is no absolute value at this point. It depends on the formula of each manufacturer.3. Peeling force refers to whether the product is easy to tear off. Of course, there are strict test standards.Coated paper is composed of wood fibers and has strong water absorption, so everyone knows that paper absorbs moisture and is afraid of it. The PE plastic is evenly coated on the paper surface by the coating machine after hot melting, forming a thin film. Because it is hot melted on the paper surface, it is hard to be separated from the paper, and the whole process does not use any chemical solvent, which is very environmentally friendly. In addition, in the later secondary processing of packaging materials, adhesive is not required, and this layer of PE film is directly used for sealing in the hot melting. It is often used in food packaging to prevent moisture and oil. The disposable paper bags, hamburger paper bags, melon seed bags, paper lunch boxes, food paper bags and air garbage bags we see in daily life are all made of this material. In industry, it is mainly used to prevent moisture and water. It is often pasted on the surface of building materials to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the board. The types of coated paper are mainly divided into: single plastic PE coated paper and double plastic PE coated paper.

Damp-Proof /Oil-Proof PE Coated Paper, Produced by Jiangsu Lucky Company

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Jiangsu Lucky release material is a Chinese manufacture which is focus on product all kinds of release paper and composite materials.

At present, our factory has more than ten production lines, including hot melt glue coating lines, solvent-less silicone coating lines, complex machine, slitting machine, etc. factory also has dust-free workshop, use high-speed online quality inspection machine. Mainly produces kinds of release paper, release film, CCK release paper, baking paper, barbecue paper, self-adhesive label paper, adhesive tape, logistics and transportation label ,advertising film, electronic adhesive materials, decorative materials and various of packaging paper. We can produce 5000 tons of products per year. Our products are exported to all parts of the world and welcomed by foreign customers.

A commitment of Jiangsu Lucky release material is to deliver multi optional products and reliable workshop that make a real convenience and confidence to our customers.

More importantly, Jiangsu Lucky release material always pursues to give a deepest word for our clients listening to voice and deliver the professional customer service anytime and anywhere.

Damp-Proof /Oil-Proof PE Coated Paper, Produced by Jiangsu Lucky Company

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The main products of our company cover a wide range of fields such as self-adhesive label, adhesive tape, outdoor advertising materials, decorative materials, logistics and transportation industries, packaging materials, adhesive products, electronic industry, food, medicine and so on.

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