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Apr 22, 2023

How to make pancakes in air fryer

Pancake Day is fast approaching, and if you already own an air fryer, you'll be

Pancake Day is fast approaching, and if you already own an air fryer, you'll be able to make them at home without the need for a saucepan and hob.

Air fryers are all the rage for their speedy, energy-efficient cooking, so popular that sales of them at Currys have risen 350% year-on-year.

If American-style pancakes are your favourite type, then we've got the perfect air fryer recipe for you that will ensure fluffy, tasty deliciousness.

While you can cheat and buy pre-made pancake batter, if you want to make them from scratch, here are the ingredients you'll need and how to cook them in an air fryer instead of a frying pan.

Ingredients you'll need:

1 tbsp melted unsalted butter (14g)

200g self-raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 egg

250ml milk

2 tbsp caster sugar

How to make pancakes in an air fryer:

Combine all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix with a wooden spoon.

Cut out some greaseproof paper to line the bottom of the air fryer drawer making sure none goes above the sides of the basket.

Place a tablespoon of the mixture in each corner of the drawer and spread out into a circle. Do not start the air fryer without the mixture weighing down the greaseproof paper in all four corners. This keeps it away from the element and stops it burning.

Select the air fry programme (200 degrees) and bake for five minutes flipping halfway through.

Voila, serve up the pancakes to you friends and families to enjoy on Pancake Day.

To cook your batch of pancakes, Currys recommends using the TEFAL EasyFry 3-in-1 FW201827 Air Fryer, Grill & Steamer, which currently costs £159, reduced from £189.

We're also a fan of the appliance thanks to its seven pre-set cooking functions that allow you to make crispy fries, salmon steaks, roast chicken and more, along with its digital touchscreen, generously sized 6.2L capacity and dishwasher-safe parts.

£159 £189 at Currys

It's not the only air fryer to shop though, there are many different designs from big-name brands such as Daewoo, Salter, Tower and more.

Best of all, many models are currently on offer too, so you can bag a bargain and get cooking. Here's the biggest savings we've spotted.

This is one of the most affordable options we have come across, coming in at just £37.99. It may look small, but it's actually mighty with a 17-litre capacity – plus an extra five-litre capacity with its extended ring, when needed.

It has also been energy-tested and claims to save up to 73% of energy compared to an electric oven. With just under £700 reviews, it's fair to say it has been tried and tested with customers saying they "can't recommend it highly enough", while others add it "uses very little electricity so is very economical."

Another great option coming in at under £100 is the Tefal Actifry Advance which has £20 off. The gadget uses a clever combination of flowing hot air and an automatic stirring paddle that ensures your food is crisped evenly.

Lakeland's spacious nine-litre dual basket air fryer is ideal for larger families, as it can cook two things at the same time, with varying temperatures and timings.

This spacious countertop device boasts a nine-litre capacity, one basket is 5.5l, the other is 3.5l. Both have separate timers too.

There's an easy-to-navigate touchscreen display which will allow you to adjust the time and temperature of your cooking and can heat up to 200 degrees celsius.

This Salter EK2818 3.2L Hot Air Fryer has been in high demand and now has a £50 saving.

It has a 3.2 litre capacity and a non-stick cooking basket that can be easily removed to make it super-easy to clean. Shoppers say they were "amazed at its versatility" and have seen from their smart meter that it's indeed saving them money through using less energy.

The Tower Vortx Air Fryer has Vortx technology designed to need very minimal oil for healthier cooking, using up to 99% less fat than other cooking methods.

Not convinced? The reviews might sway you: "Bought this a month ago and has changed my life. The quality of cooking is amazing, completely different results to my oven in half the time... Can't believe I didn't purchase one sooner."

Salter Dual Air Fryer Large Double Basket | £169.99 (Was 279.99) from eBay

The real differentiator between this Salter Dual Air Fryer and the others on the market is the double basket. It means you can cook multiple produce alongside each other to save even more time and energy. We'll take it.

The compact air fryer has been described as "simple to use" with one review saying: "Love this item. Cooked spaghetti sauce in it for the first time and it was so easy!"

Ingredients you'll need: How to make pancakes in an air fryer: Salter Dual Air Fryer Large Double Basket | £169.99 (Was 279.99) from eBay